EXCLUSIVE: "Grounded": Unaired MTV Pilot featuring Dave Navarro and Molemanninethousand (2023)


Ooh boy, I've got something REALLY special for you right here: Something that has NEVER seen the light of day or even been known to exist... until now!

This is an unsuccessful, never-before released MTV Pilot shot about five years ago... featuring Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro and his family, including his little brother.....


I doubt I've ever told many of you that I'm Dave's half-brother, but I guess this proves it!!!

I've wanted to upload this for a long time, but my Mom said I couldn't because Dave wouldn't approve of it, for some reason...

But this Christmas, when Dave came to our house to celebrate, I asked him if I could upload it, and he said YES! So here we are now. :D


What up doc, oh, my god, how long are you staying for all right hold up for a second if it looks like I'm moving back in with my parents? Let me explain this morning.

I, woke up I packed my bags when I made the 20-minute drive over to the folks house, because they've asked me to babysit my younger brothers tomorrow night, you know, I never been in charge of little ones before I like the in charge idea, but the little ones not so sure, but Carmen's pretty ready to have a baby and I figured.

This would be a good test.

See if I'm ready to say goodbye to freedom, hello to parent, which brings us to the story of my journey, hey, sweetie pie.

And the longest three days of my life, oh don't.

Stop it.


Do you want kids? Because there are some things in life that you can choose and then there's your family II can't down Henry supposed to toss this before you put the dressing and who volunteered us to cook in it.

I, don't know, do you know who I love, though, oh, yeah, smokin, really you like, oh, he's, hot sexy that one okay, put it away? Please Oh put those PJs on right now.

Mister right now, mister this should be good breathe down your hometown.

Oh, my gosh, Dave, I, can't, believe how much stuck in I'll give you the two bottom.


Okay, can I open.

The drapes I'm, not big on white.

You don't like lying.

Wanna go shopping.




Go on.

This is Toby in case, you haven't noticed we are dissimilar in every way have you ever been to Costco? You see what I mean anyway, to answer Toby's question, I've, never been to Costco.

I mean, why would I I don't even go to the grocery store? That's, just one of the perks of being me.

Welcome back to earth.

No now you're talking, oh, my god, this is awesome.

This is something is that time? Lots of pledge? Yes, holy 2%.


Oh, wait.

We got to I hear no now someone's been out well now now and now we're back we got to the back, oh, you know what? What are you gonna complete the kids with tomorrow night? You mean, they don't feed themselves.

What can we go out to dinner all right? This is what moms do you like clam.

What people are eating days in advance Wow that's when it hit me, this isn't going to be a vacation I, don't know, I, don't know, you're saying, that's, my little brother, Henry, he's, five, I, don't speak five-year-old, hey, look at me, I'm showing Dave the books you got today, hey, lookit, but I think I can handle reading look, dick look, Jane, see Sally and then that's Sally.

And it was Dick and Jane looking at even yelling.




You don't mind.

If I finish the so I read ahead to you I'll, tell you man, I'm tired, already they got kids, really, how do you function? You just get used to it.

They got two little.

One only one of them is home.

Okay, I'll talk to you later.

Alright, when I realized what Toby has to deal with on a daily basis.

I was shocked a lot of work and ready for a nap.

I'm gonna go lie down for 10 minutes, well, you know, we don't have that much time and then we'll have to pick gave up.


In fact, we should go in ten minutes.

Okay, okay.

So let's, just hang with us.

Okay? Can you do that? Okay, hi sweetheart.


What are you doing what's happening? Buddy, you know, you all I'm with my billion way at home, maybe that's, Gabe he's got a thing for video games.

Well, actually here we have.

Welcome pillar.


Well we'll take turns man, we have another one in the closet somewhere I do have two other ones, but he don't went.



Well what take turns I won't, we've yet you I wouldn't make turned on from the woman.





Easy on me after a few hours in suburbia.

It was becoming apparent that there was no way I was going to babysit my yourself whoo, you know, he's, naked, no that's copy.

Huh? Careful pacifier, honey.

So I called for backup.

Do you want? Kids? Yeah? Well, can they help me babysit tomorrow cuz, um, I need it I'm.

A girl I'm doing in con get on phone.

We got to do some cooking man.

Okay, really already.

Well, yeah.

What do we get or bunny? Yeah? Are you gonna help me tomorrow? Ah, I, love.

You all right, dude, hunger, whatever, you know, my ass that's.

My dad he's seen me through the worst times in my life and I would do anything for him, which is why I've agreed to help him cook, an actual meal you're probably wondering why? My dad volunteered us to do the cooking, hey, Dad, yeah, you're supposed to help me I'm helping by setting the table.

All right.

Dad, I was wondering the same thing.

Hey, how do you know what a quarter cup is on this thing if that's a half? Yeah, there is half of that.

Doesn't seem like very much.

Does it? No? It doesn't now I'm a ball suppose to toss this before you cook, the dress, again, I, don't know, I can't believe how hard this is 1/4 cup here, no that's.

What it says, that's, just 4 tbsp.


It does.

Oh yeah.


Starting to look right.

Probably seems like a lot of butter it'll, be good.

It is yeah, look, huh.


Wet, it's.

So wet in there, the butter will make it less wet.


It melt down to more wet.

Well, you know you need fire.

First more, oh, no, it's.

Amazing, you know, pen or man.

Now, what finally the hard part is over here are some real nagging shoes on second thought, it is real mac and cheese and it's made of it you'll.

See from Dave made it for you honey.

I made it 20 and partners have a seat.

You know what last time a cologne is so hot it's, a store.

Yeah, did you need to blow on it? Nah, maybe that cool bar.

No I mean, I said, no need to sit down, not yet we're, still having a nice dinner it's, not time to go and grab a dessert.

Okay, yeah.

Put it on the sink, but come back.

Okay, oh, yeah.

You gotta find a good character for Henry.

Hey, don't know, how you guys do this I'm a busy day, that's? Why it's so different when you have your own kid, you know, you're.

So connected today, they've tolerate things and adjust for things you wouldn't with anybody else in the world, you're home until 8:00 until you hit a breaking point.

Yeah, my horrible pain.

Terrible, hinder, got it nemesis Ryan.

It was your friend.


Am Oh Ryan.

He was your friend.

We moved out of town.

Okay, that's enough.

You know what this wife be circling, straightly, imaginary, friends, well, lead imaginary friends that stupid gross.

Okay, how wish I never come back home? It don't feel right since I've been what'd.

You say to throw the room man, but so far.

So good, he's doing.

Okay, whoa.


Even like this talk about experimental Karen, Wyse, my macaroni.

So hot, aren't, Eggman, great, yeah.

Last night, I, wasn't.

So sure I was gonna be able to deal with this whole kid thing.

But this morning things were looking up I'm, not showing any mercy.

Yeah, then I found out that Toby was taking Henry to Mommy &, Me.

So I'm, leaving the three of you guys, no and then I realized what was in store for me today.

First feed Gabe get to it as we got a roll.

Take him to karate class, get my nails done and find time for a nap makes your karma still coming to help me babysit.

Then keep the boys occupied while Dad and Toby get ready for their date.

Wait for Carmen to take the kids to the radio station where I do my weekly camp Freddie show then feed them.

And finally put them to bed.

But before my nervous breakdown I had a slight reprieve while Gabe was a karate to discuss my concerns with dad I'm, telling you being around the kids is really interesting, I, don't know, how ready I am for this you're, never ready, even when you think you're? Ready, you're, not ready.

But see you waited, many years later and have more kids.

Mm-Hmm, I'm feeling, I can wait another five years, it's, not so much about you.

The guy just want the woman she's already got so many really good childbearing years.

I know, you should see her with the dog, I mean, she's ready to be a mom I've got something that she really wants I'll do it which I guess means that today I should really give it a shot with the boys hated anybody could go get a paper clip.

I'll show you a slice my body I want her, you know, I will be I.

Guess teasing a five-year-old isn't that cool I wouldn't.

Do it? No, no, no, no.

You don't want that no I was you know over 18.

When I did this give it a tug, give it a Yank? Yeah, ow, I'm, kind of joke.

I just can't help myself.

Ah, what some coffee Mike I wanted to talk to Dave about, you know tonight, okay, um I already know that if things get weird eating chocolate, no, no, no, you don't want to jam on sweets, but you have to feed them.

Maybe after you go to the radio station, I'm only gonna be there.

Half of them will hit Happy Meal and on the way back fast food.

It is awesome.

And my big concern is that I just want to make sure you don't lose them, they're, physically losing.

What does she think I? Am an amateur by hurting make sure you show, you know, lose, you know, some stuff later.

So you don't I can't.

Do all this is overwhelming is yeah, we're guy.



Any cash could that be enough for adults? Sure, yeah, okay.

Here she is.

I'd bunny, hi that's.

My wife, Carmen, she's, the one who wants kids.

And the reason that I'm in this mess, hi, how you doing I've been going? Okay? You know, you're gonna take care of the kids right are they are they are.

They gonna be warm enough that's.

Raw more on him later, oh not much.

No, oh great.

Together think you're gonna cry I am I want you to stay over with me.

Oh, no, Bonnie, I'm, goin, home, Bonnie, I'm here.

Now been my gosh and I'm, not spending the night running in the street kids now, Henry this way come on now, hey, guys.

So what we do is we're gonna roll into this place, it's a radio station.

So there's, two songs, you guys, listen up.

One is Skid Row.

The band is called Skid Row.

And the other band is called Marilyn Manson who wants to do which one I want you to now in Manson you got it Skid, Row, Skid, Row, yeah, baby our skin, whoa.

No, you're, doing Marilyn.


What cuz that's what you said you wanted? Well, I changed my mind.


Do it? Okay? Anyhow, I said, no, no gimme back my heads, you guys are brothers.

You need to share I have no intelligence.

Serious I'm.

Serious I, love.


Do it? Boy.

He bring you a mortgage.

Hey, wanna boil no guys, no yelling, hey, Gabe.

Maybe you should give him back the head.

What do you think this is my little brother Henry, everybody say, hi to people like we're gonna listen to a song right now.

And it is called I want you by starlit? Can you announce that I want you lifestyle work? And it goes like this, right? You know, I've got Gabe Navarro.


People all across America.

Are you here to introduce a song for us? This is big guns by Skid Row, very good guys.

Cuz, I gotta get these guys out of here.


You get it that spicy.

Well, the first phase of babysitting is in the camp, the boys did great and we're gonna stop at McDonald's next up, the drive-thru, no running how hard could that be Gabe get out of the fountain.

Okay, I gotta go.



I gotta go.

Can we get out there? Now? Oh, wow.


It's enough we're done up there.

Okay, no more.

No more game.

Went up, gale, Gabe's, five years older than you when you're 10, you can go up there, oh, all right.

See? Look, you're already tripping in that's, what I'm saying in the front Reagan, nobody going.

How does your dreams of getting? She wants to sit with me? We have to sit on my lap.

Okay? But it's only two McDonald's, right? No, huh? Did Toby say anything about this hang on door.

Yeah, special thing.

Don't, tell your mom and dad when you work out I'm out, yes, it is ma'am, backhoe.

Okay, guys, we're here.

Yeah, there's.

No, faking.

This bag all the McDonald's in LA I go to the only one without a drive-thru there's, no telling how things need to go in your wake go and get it to go son.


Hold on.

Are we going to get it now? Incredible toy day? Yes, you guys need to go say, hi, ready for cocktail to a good weekend.


A nice visit around.

The kids he's been very good.

You know, he watches his demeanor.

He watches his language.

If he has a bit of a prima donna because the way he lives, but good sense of humor.

And so he has a lot of fun with things, but and he's he's, taking the punch as well, it's I'm, getting really, yes, because they made me a look I need to order to write.

So Gabe, repeat it to happy meals.

I'm, Mel, Kenneth I've had an illness, get you out of here? Mmm, don't, touch that don't touch that toy.

If I get the answer to every well, try I.

Guess it was older.

Ah, believe I said, guys, Bebo.

Did you define it stuff like I'm? Not having fun? Hello can I get a happy meal with cheese, 1/4 cup.

Huh? That's right now, um, who's gonna I have my toy.

This is for Henry, relax, buddy, I, miss.

You already don't stress out.

Okay, please stay over that's what's.

So much fun about it.

Please stable it's going crazy.

Please are the kids dad I'm doing what I can.

Okay, it's almost rip I'm, very very stressed.

And you would be too.

If you were in my position after Carmen left, it was just me and my brothers and all I had to do is put them to bed.

It's do or die.

If I can't handle this game over bedtime kids, you gotta get right, yes.

It is funny her yet, I know, but it's time to get ready.

Nothing said, we get ready getting ready.


No he's got me.

There I said that you would get ready at 8:30 you.

We need to get you rolling up now.




Go hon.

That was easy.

Okay, lock can you let me in buddy? What do we put on for close these PJs? Now you got to think these pants off son, let's, do it I need? You did serious up for me? Okay, Parker this.

What parents do get dressed on these PJs, put those PJs on right now, mister right now, mr.

Henry gonna do it I don't think you can do it I heard that you can't? Do it right on the head? You know where the head goes? Yeah, it goes up there.

This isn't that bad I could do this.

Once in my life, give me a kiss I, love you and try and get some sleep.

Okay? All right.


Either you clear this level, or if you die we're going out that's, a rough, one, wait a minute.


We have a deal.

Ah, oh, well, good going and thanks for keeping our deal.

Where is he? What are you doing? Buddy, Wow.



I'm gonna put your brother back lie down.


All right kid.

Get you all tucked up in there? I love, you Gabe.


Good night.

Are you Henry? You gotta settle down.

Bub need you to settle down? Okay.

Come here.

Recycling, dark shadow.

Underground I wasn't, the shaper for I, but it's.

Okay, you gotta get back up you're all that singing Kawa come on.

You gotta get back up in with it.

You can't get into bed.

We're gonna get very angry, hi, yeah.

But now I'm I'm, glad we passed the torch to you I.

Woke up this morning in a great mood I'm, leaving in a few hours babysitting's over and I feel pretty good about the job.

I did last night.

You know where the baby sheet is that what y'all hear this.

Yeah, why does he need that much for Henry? He doesn't need that we didn't have the last time.

Oh that's the law.

You broke the law.

You have to keep kids in a car seat until they're like six, 60 70 pounds if it were me.

And it was my kid I would make sure that things in there just saying I thought, it was know what Howard enough coming in the front seat without Sloan.

You were sitting where Carly Oh inside of the front seat with Carmen.

Yeah, note to self.

Never trust a five-year-old to watch your back.


We poor child's, lots of danger.

We didn't as far as I'm concerned.

It was blatant irresponsibility on your part on my part.

Yeah, that's.

My cue time to wrap this up, cheers, guys, everyone I learned a lot this weekend he's been back to our little world, there's a good little world, it's, a good world.

Cuz, I'd love to be saying about just a normal life for kiddies.

Okay? Maybe I'm not ready for normal.

Oh, my god and asked for kids I'm, still, not sure requires a lot of work it's exhausting, yeah, I'm.

Sure, if these were my kids, it would have been rewarding as well.

Guys, I'm out of here.

I love.

My family I would do anything for them except babysit again, yeah.

But maybe one day they'll have a chance to return the favor I'll talk to you soon.

Okay and babysit for my kids it's sad say, goodbye, round.

Second, fun, I wish I, never come back home.

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