Faces Of Death-- The Agonizing Story Of Eben Byers (2023)


Eben Byers was a U.S. Amateur in golf. He earned notoriety in the early 1930s when he died from multiple radiation-induced cancers after consuming Radithor, a popular patent medicine made from radium dissolved in water, The picture was taking just before his death.


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What is going on YouTube I am Lamont at large.

And today I got a weird one for you guys, I know, there's been plenty of nights where you can't sleep.

And you go online, and you start googling, the damnedness of things I do that all the time myself.

And as a kid, if you were a kid, then when the internet first started coming around, you've probably seen this picture.

And a lot of you might have thought it was fake because what man could take a picture looking like that and still be alive.

Well that man at the time was very much alive, but his life would sadly end, right after that picture was taken that that man's name is Ebenezer, McBurney buyers and I'm going to tell you the quick story of what happened to him.

Let's get started Ebenezer McBurney buyers, or they would just call him ever for short was born on April.

12 1880 here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

He was the son of Alexander buyer, uh, Alexander Beyer was basically a pretty well-off guy.

He owned a mill here in Pittsburgh.

And he employed about 2500 people.

They would make a wrought iron pipe, uh, that man had his hand in many different hats.


He was the president of a bank.

Uh, ran several other companies was the chairman of the board of another.

So rich guy doing rich guy, things and his son wanted to be a golfer.

Maybe he wanted to do business too.

He did go to Yale, but his true passion was sports.

But really it was golf.

He actually won the U.S amateur championship in 1906, and he placed a couple of years before that.

But he never really made it to the big leagues, but that just claimed the fame other than the picture that I've shown you earlier and I'm gonna talk about what and the heck happened to that guy.

So as the years progress, uh, he was taking a trip on a train one day back in 1927 and I.

Guess the train abruptly stopped, or maybe he turned over or whatever.

So he falls from the upper birth onto the floor.

Bang really hurts himself.

Uh, he hurt his arm, pretty badly.

Now at this time, this guy's approaching 50 years of age, and you know back in those days when you're approaching 50, those were not the Twilight years of your life, but you're getting old kid, you're getting old.

And oftentimes you would have Carnival barkers.

You'd have doctors kind of quacks who would you know, say, oh, take this it'll make you feel like you're 25 or eat this every day.

We didn't really know what we were doing when it comes to, uh, modern medicine back in those days.

But there was a man by the name of William Bailey, who was a College Dropout and a fake quack, nutcase doctor, foreign.

So this guy had a magic potion for anybody who would listen to him that would cure what else he would make you feel strong and make you look young.

Your skin would feel very smooth and supple.

What is this magic Elixir cause I? Right now me talking about it I want some myself it's called Raina Thor.

What is Raider Thor? Well, it's radium mixed with water, that's it right? Uh now it according to them, it gave them a lot of Health properties that would make you feel strong run faster, jump harder, maybe perform a little bit better in the bedroom.


You know what I'm saying that kind of nonsense now radium, which is what radathor was, uh, it's, basically used in making, uh, luminous paints.

Uh, it's used in uh, as a radon gas and uh, making several different, uh for Cancer Treatments.


So this guy in 1927 starts taking radiator and man.

This is amazing I feel great my arm, doesn't hurt anymore, I feel like I'm 35 years old as a matter of fact, uh, if I'm only taking one dose, a day I might as well, take multiple doses a day and that's.

What Eber did he was taking multiple doses of radathor every day.

He never failed a a a dose.

You know what I mean, but then he started feeling sick, well, I'm not feeling too good today.

I, better drink.

Some more rated Thor little didn't ever know is that he was poisoning himself to death.

And he would eventually give himself cancer from drinking radium, which causes cancer.

So one day, he starts getting these really really bad headaches, right? They're, really, really awful and one day, he's, uh, you know, he has a headache, he's eating something and his tooth is kind of loose and he's like wiggling and he's like damn this.

This tooth is really loose.

So I should go to the dentist.

Well, he didn't really have to go to the dentist because that tooth fell right out as a matter of fact, all his teeth fell out.

Uh, the only uh, I.

Think by the end, he only had two teeth left, and you could barely see that with that gaping wound in lieu of where his jaw and face basically used to be.

And you know words started spreading around when the pictures started hitting the newspapers of ever.

And what he looked like now by drinking the uh, you know, drinking that poison.

And he was actually called to testify during some kind of I, don't know, maybe Senate hearings or government proceedings or whatever, but he was too sick to come, but they showed his picture.

And they said, this is what happens when you drink, uh that raid author that that quack job William Bailey is trying to get everybody to drink.

And he would give doctors every doctor that would prescribe radathor.

He would give him one-sixth of the proceeds.

So doctors were like, yeah, you need.

You need readathur well that drinking of that rate of Thor, which he he guessed, he probably took about 1400 doses of within three years.

Uh, he sadly, died.


31St 1932, just shy of his 52nd birthday.

All right.

So this is the final resting place of that man and he's buried alongside his parents.

Indeed, buyers family, crypt, yeah, uh.

First of all, let me say I'm surprised nobody ever I mean.

You had a couple people that did this video on YouTube, but nobody's been here to his final resting place, which kind of surprised me because, uh, that's the picture that is worth literally a thousand words, all right, guys, uh that concludes this part of the video.

Uh, if you guys are not uh acquainted.

My with my channel I sometimes go to cemeteries and I talk about the different, uh, uh, you know, Graves and how people died and stuff like that.

So if you like that kind of content, uh hit up my channel.

And please subscribe all right.

So let's let's walk around the cemetery after this very interesting story, if you're still paying attention.

Let's, go we're.

Gonna go walk around and check out some other Graves.

This year's Keith, Watts, senior, uh, no, one on the street has Spud February 5th, 1968 to December 10, 1999 and uh, he was shot and killed in his car.

Uh, detectives out in Pittsburgh described him as like a mid-level drug dealer, they're guessing that somebody wanted to Rob him.

Maybe he had a lot of money on him and uh, it looks like he didn't give up, uh, what they wanted.

And they shot him killed him for it and witnesses to this murder said that after he was shot, instead of some people, you know calling 9-1-1 calling for help.

They just started going through his pockets and taking anything that they could out of his car, just total scumbags, regardless of what he did.

You know, come on.

And unfortunately, uh, right in front of him.

This is his son, Keith, Watts, Jr, also known as Spud.

And he had just gotten out of juvenile hall for driving a stolen vehicle.

And he was killed in a drive-by shooting about a month later.

Man, General, Alexander, Hayes killed in the battle of the Wilderness May.

The 5th 1864.

born July, the 8th 1819.

This Monument was erected by the soldiers of his command it's, right here.

I'm walking up to his degree of Eric, D, Bryant, Pino, December, 2nd 1982 to June 2nd 2002.

And this young man had just been dropped off by his father.

He was on vacation.


He went to school down to Virginia and his father drove away and about a minute later, he just hears just a lot of a lot of gunshots.

You probably docked or stopped or whatever waited for it to stop.

He turned around come back.

He sees his son lying on the ground.

And police think that the shooting was related to some kind of rivalry I, don't know, if it's a gang rivalry because there's not really gangs in Pittsburgh versus just kind of clicks and neighborhoods or what have you, but they collected over 50 shell cases.

So whoever wanted him dead wanted him dead very badly.

Can that XE Williams Collier, May, 22nd, 1986 to February 25th, 2019 as a child Cadet was an opinionated optimistic and determined leader.

She loved her family and friends dearly and expressed.

This love through the giving of her time and herself.

She always organized birthday parties and holiday activity for friends and family planning New, Year's, Eve celebrations and Easter egg.

Hunts for the kids were among her favorite.

Can it was Thrifty, but could really make a small gift feel like it was big.

Her unselfish love for others left you knowing she cared and feeling special.

Connect was beautiful his spirit and appearance.

She was a fashion Diva, Who, Loved, makeup, music and designer, handbags, Backstreet, Boys, Michael bubble and Rascal Flatts are a few of her favorite artists.

She also enjoyed traveling in some of her favorite destinations were Las, Vegas, Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico.

She was an avid hockey fan.

And the penguins are her favorite team.

Connect was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2017.

And her battle ended February 25th, 2019., um.

That is a type of spinal cord or brain cancer I was leaving this cemetery and I seen this picture of a very beautiful woman.

And it made me stop rest in peace.


What happened to Eben Byers face? ›

Byers became infamous when he developed “Radithor jaw,” a disease brought on by the ingestion of radium. Before his early death from cancer, the entire lower half of his face fell off as a result of his exposure to the deadly radioactive material.

What was falling off Eben Byers jaw? ›

Over a short period of time, Byers was also hit by the placebo effect as he was feeling great, so great that he started taking a whole bottle a day, then weeks later two, and after a year even three bottles of a day. In 1931 he got a surprise as his jaw literally fell down.

How old was Eben Byers when he died? ›

BYERS DIES OF RADIUM POISONING; Noted Sportsman, 51, Had Drunk a Patented Water for a Long Period. CRIMINAL INQUIRY BEGUN Pittsburgh and New York Steel Man Won Amateur Golf Title -- Was Prominent on Turf. EBEN M. BYERS DIES OF RADIUM POISON.

Is Eben Byers still alive? ›

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