How a Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R Will RUIN All Future Cars For You. (2023)


This is Jonah's S15 Spec-R! I've driven/reviewed a bunch of SR20 S-chassis in the past, so this video I just wanted to focus on what the next generation car enthusiasts see in these cars and what they have to offer compared to the traditional "first cars" one might find themselves behind the wheel of at an early age. After chatting with Jonah for a bit, I feel quite a bit of confidence in the next generation of driver's. Do you?

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The Last Circuit.


Hello, hello, yeah, rear drive is definitely fun in its own ways.

But deep down I, really like front-wheel, drive just being able to blast out our corners.

And you know on the Honda, you can just go this.

You can't really do much.


Am still a Honda guy at heart.

When I was 16 or 17 years old, Jonah, 17, my first like encounter with oversteer was in a pickup truck.

It was in a Mazda B2200 and I feel like a lot of people, especially here in North America that's, what we're used to it's the on a rainy day.

You've got no sandbags in the back and it steps out.

And you have to learn to accommodate that into your life into your daily life.

Right? Is it too? Much is the S15, especially especially a Spec R too much for a first car.

Uh, I would say, yes, I would absolutely say, yes.

I mean, it is undoubtedly a car where it'll teach you driving Dynamics it'll, teach you how to become one with the car because you're gonna feel that rear end, uh become very alive, very quickly and you're gonna have to learn to manage and kind of ride that line that's.

What makes the S chassis such a fun car to drive, but at the same time, it's, what can end up biting you in the ass if you're not careful foreign let's start at the beginning? What was your first car? The Honda Prelude? How quickly did you get bored of it I'm, not I'm, not bored of it it's, just a little broken that's all so I'm, just collecting parts and money to do it up right for the meantime, I'm daily driving.

This I am still a Honda guy at heart, but the S15 was my dream car.

So yeah, this is my 1999.

Nissan, Silvia, spec-r it's got a blue thinner cooler, Blitz, blow-off valve Pepsi intake, HP coil packs and Nismo, 740, CC injectors along with an upgraded fuel pump.

Uh, the Boost controller is just temporarily for now I gotta innovate boost solenoid that will be linked up to the link ECU.

So I can control it all from my ECU.

But for now I just have a blitz boost controller.

So you've got like just based on your mods alone.

You've got like a huge ceiling above view in mods that you could do to squeeze out 300 350 horsepower.

You will right now it's around like probably 290 to 300 give or take depends which Dyno depends the climate right, especially in s chassis.

As we saw when you were at, uh, tuner, bash getting sideways.

They inherently love to oversteer.

What did that feel like the first time? The car kind of steps out on you? Are you freaked out or well? I'm gonna be 100 honest, I've done Sim Racing for you know, the past six years I would say with the wheel setup and everything and obviously I've driven all sorts of cars and games like assetto Corsa.

And you know, surprisingly, BeamNG drive it's a really physics oriented game.

Um, really teaches you the difference between front wheel, drive and rear-wheel drive cars with oversteer and understeer.

You know, I didn't really learn to drift by just spinning out a bunch of times I was on a subtle Corsa for hours and hours like I got like 1500 hours on a subtle Corsa alone.

So, I mean, if you transfer that to seat time, that's quite a lot of seat time, right? Obviously in a subtle Corsa, you don't feel the car or any of that, but there's quite a lot.

You can feel in like the steering and I go between like first and third person to kind of just watch how the car handles in the game right so I can kind of transfer that to real life where when the car is kicking out this much.

This is when you steer it back mm-hmm, slow over the speed, bumps careful, not to crack that authentic, gritty lip.

We've got on here, it's already running a link G4, which is awesome, sky's.

The limit it's got aftermarket injectors, it's got hsd, monopro, coilovers.

Same coilovers I had on my sw20, a little bit of a track spec kind of coilover they're stiff, okay, that was the last speed, bump, uh.

But they work.

Well here just about pushing one bar here, foreign driving something this fast at 17.


What I really want to know is are you getting excited about what Nissan's putting out now does the new Nissan Z do anything for you or has Nissan gone the way of Mitsubishi it's.

A very low barrier, entry barrier to Excellence I should say versus 20 years ago, honestly the prelude in this have a fairly similar wheelbase.

So it handles pretty similar.

Um, aside from that it's, just like the different spring rate suspension like that it feels different, but Power, Wise, It's, surprisingly, n, a and turbo.

They feel the exact same, even though it's like 100 horsepower difference, it's, a really fun car to drive definitely I, really really like just six-speed manual.

And you know, rear wheel drive and the setup that it has.

But yeah, rear wheel.

Drive is definitely you know fun in its own ways, but deep down I, really like front wheel, drive just being able to blast out out of corners and really okay.


I just don't.


Yeah, you know on the Honda you can just go this.

You can't really do that that's? Why that's why people love them? Um.

But no, this is I.

Have it set up mostly for grip, I, don't, really I, don't, have it really or like kind of in between so it'll grip, really nice, but it'll also kick out when I want it to.

Yeah, um.

It really all varies in the conditions like in the rain.

I can drift this fairly easy.

But uh, right now when it's dry out it's kind of hard to kick it out, um, especially with these tires, they're a bit more.

Uh, yeah, you know, grippy, would you suggest getting something SR20 turbo, rear wheel drive for like a first or second car? Or would you say get an Integra and kind of dial your way? Honestly, yeah, I would agree with that like Integra or Prelude will give you like compared to a Honda Civic, or you know, even even this Integra is still a lot like on the lighter end of a car.

The Prelude is almost identical to this in weight.

I think a hundred pound difference or so wheelbase is very similar as well along with like the proportions of the car right like I mean, it's actually kind of funny I'll, send you a couple of videos people in Thailand, you can't import I believe you can't import some cars like the Sylvia.

So what they do is they actually use the fortune Prelude, the exact same car that I have to build S15 silvias because this like part here and the windshield and everything is actually very similar to the Prelude.


So I'll give you some videos to kind of pop up on the screen? Yeah, but they actually do rear end and front end conversions of S15 Silvia's onto the 4th.



Wow, it's, it's, really cool.

So it's kind of funny to pop the hood on one of those and see a, you know, H22, yeah, sitting under there.


But obviously the Prelude is a bit more of a grand tour vehicle I mean, back when it first came out, it was worth like I, I think you can get the nicest model for around 53 000, yeah, which is a lot of money even back then right.

My cousin last night was telling me a story about one of his friends bought a Acura Integra, Type, R local here for eight thousand dollars back in the 2000s and cut the springs on it to go lower and that's on Integra Type R, like imagine that today, someone cutting the springs on their Integra type.

You got the whole internet at with pitchforks coming out right, yeah.

But with preludes is kind of just, you know, too expensive a vehicle.


The the Silvia S15 is about to be one of the most desirable Japanese cars in the US.

Definitely you have one at such a young age like where do you? Where do you go from here? Do you have another JDM dream car or is this or is this? Uh, honestly, this is kind of it like, um, I, really like the R32 GTR and maybe you'll get one.

But quite honestly like I'm, Gonna, Leave, This like kind of how it is for now, depending on how long if I want to keep this chassis, or if I want to do something like something else with another S15 dream is kind of an rb26 swaps, S15, cd09 transmission, just everything you know, just like six millimeter, sounds great.

Yeah, Mona.



Mona Lisa.

Basically, yeah, right now it's just great right? 300 horsepower, almost, you know, it's a great like driver's car.

And you really feel it.



No problem let's, go for a drive and it's as if all of the Japanese manufacturers in that golden age knew when to stop, they knew when it was time to just pay electronics are coming in traction control is coming in this doesn't have that, um and we're just going to stop production.

A lot of the greats did that the Supra O2, the nsx-05 Sylvia, O2, R34, GTR, 02, they all kind of just cease production at the opportune time and it's like they knew that if they had continued production, uh, they would have turned into something less than desirable for the three pedal enthusiasts, which, of course, yeah, the GTR came back.

The NSX came back, but they're, not manual they're filled to the brim with computers.

And to a certain extent and I was talking to my buddy Elvis about this earlier today, the R35 just doesn't have like speed can only carry you so far, right and it's these cars.

If we want to keep the Next Generation into cars, if we want to get them into cars and keep that kind of driving Spirit Alive, it sounds so cliche and so dumb.

We need to get them behind the wheel of cars like this that really teach driving Dynamics and really kind of you can have pardon my language.

You can have a holy moment in a car like this.

And it could really teach you.

And it could really get you excited about driving like.

Wow, that's that just humbled me, you know, I want a car that can that can humble me at times and I think that's.

Why cars like the 05, GT, Ford GT that is I have gone up in value.

So well, while they're, why they're so desirable, uh, Carrera, GT.

Same thing let's, go on a tangent, but like cars like that that don't have, um a lot of AIDS driver AIDS.

Thanks guys for watching.

Uh today, we're actually out shooting with, uh, Elvis from the golden drive.

So if you want to check out his channel, the link is in the description, we'll, see you guys next time.


What makes the Nissan Silvia S15 illegal? ›

Why is Nissan Silvia S15 illegal? The Nissan S15 is presently prohibited from being imported into the United States by the Import Vehicle Safety Compliance Act, often known as the 25-Year Rule. The legislation prohibits importing any automobile that was not first sold in the United States and is less than 25 years old.

Is Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R rare? ›

With around 30,000 units built, the Nissan S15 Silvia isn't a very common car to begin with. The Silvia Verietta is much rarer with just 1,143 examples built by Autech.

Why is the Nissan Silvia illegal in the US? ›

Why is this car illegal in the United States: This particular vehicle was declared illegal because it did not meet federal safety and pollution standards and it had a right-hand steering column, similar to cars in England.

How many S15 Spec R were made? ›

The S15 Silvia, which shows a complete system of domestic front engine rear wheel drive sports, is still very popular, particularly in the drift scene. However due to exhaust emissions regulations, the production period was limited to three and a half years, meaning only 30,000 units were produced.

What is the 25-year rule? ›

A motor vehicle that is at least 25 years old can be lawfully imported into the United States without regard to whether it complies with all applicable DOT Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

What is the rarest Nissan S15? ›

Rarest colour is 326 White which is a Varietta only colour (123 know - actual higher). Next is BN5 Light Bluish Silver with 237 built.

What's the fastest Nissan Silvia? ›

Nissan Silvia 200SX

It takes just 5.6 seconds to hit 60 mph.

What is the rarest Silvia model? ›

Nissan Silvia CSP311/Datsun 1600 Coupe (1965-1968)

There are apparently just 59 examples of the CSP311 existing outside of Japan, making it an extremely rare sight if you're ever lucky enough to stumble across one!

What is the oldest Silvia model? ›

The Nissan Silvia CSP311 made its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in September 1964 as the "Datsun Coupe 1500". The introductory model was a hand-built coupe based on the Fairlady platform.

What does JDM stand for? ›

What Does JDM Mean? The term JDM is an acronym for Japanese Domestic Market. It references the fact that these cars are meant for the Japanese public and, thus, have specific features custom-tailored for the population there. But, more often than not, there are some misconceptions.

Which Nissan GTR was illegal in US? ›

R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

The character was shown to own and drive a 550-horsepower Skyline R34. If the cars' raw performance capability weren't already tempting enough, the fact that they are illegal to import into the United States added a further layer of allure: the enticement of the forbidden fruit.

How do I legally own a S15? ›

But don't worry, you can able to drive this car once it reaches the 25-year mark. Before deciding to buy Silvia S15, you need to identify the exact year the S15 was manufactured. If your car was manufactured in 1999 you can absolutely own the Nissan Silvia S15 in 2024.

Did S15 come with 5-speed? ›

Silvia was available in for main variants: Spec S SR20DE Naturally aspirated engine with 165 hp with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox.

What is the S15 real name? ›

Silvia Varietta

The Varietta was based on the Spec-S trim, so it came with the 160-hp SR20DE naturally-aspirated engine and the option to choose between the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission.

Was the S15 in fast and furious? ›

Character Information

The 2001 Nissan Silvia S15 (also known as the Mona Lisa and Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-S) is a major car used in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

What is a GREY market car? ›

Imported vehicles originally intended by their manufacturers for sale outside the United States are identified as “grey market” vehicles.

Can I bring a car from Mexico to the US? ›

Nonresidents may import a vehicle duty-free for personal use up to (1) one year if the vehicle is imported in conjunction with the owner's arrival. Vehicles imported under this provision that do not conform to U.S. safety and emission standards must be exported within one year and may not be sold in the U.S.

Can you import a car from Dubai to USA? ›

Dubai to US Vehicle Import Options

Import Car from Dubai to USA can be performed using a shared container, a sole container or a roll-on/roll-off service. Roll-On/Roll-Off – Best for working vehicles, since your vehicle is driven onto the shipping vessel and secured in a large cargo area.

What year will the S15 be legal? ›

Silvia S15 will be legal in the U.S. starting in January 2024—this is when the model will be 25 years old and is therefore exempt from NHTSA restrictions. Remember that you need to check the exact model year of the car you are hoping to import, as any models 2000 or later still fall under restrictions from the NHTSA.

What is the rarest Nissan? ›

Below is the story of a one-of-a-kind model that only appears less but still has tons of impact to brag about in the future, the 1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 LM.

How much does a S15 cost? ›

Showroom condition Nissan S15s usually start around $20,000. If that price tag sounds good to you, beware of the hidden costs! Many cars vary in price because of the extensive modifications available for standard vehicles. You'll also have to pay applicable import fees.

How much HP did Han's S15 have? ›

When Drift Speed had the car, it still had an SR20DET engine in it that made around 400 horsepower.

What is the 2nd fastest Nissan? ›

Among all Nissan models in 2023, the GT-R NISMO is the fastest car that can do 0-60 MPH in under 3 seconds. It is followed by newcomers like the Z Coupe and Ariya SUV. Furthermore, next in the race is the midsize Armada which accelerates from 0 to 60 MPH in 6 seconds.

What is the nickname for the Nissan Silvia? ›

Among enthusiasts, the early models are referred to as zenki (before), and the refreshed versions are known as kouki (after). In 1998, the last of the S14 line was produced and sold into 1999.

What car in GTA looks like a Silvia? ›

The Remus is heavily based on the 1988–1994 Nissan Silvia (S13) coupe.

Which Silvia is best for drifting? ›

And Silvia S15 is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive (RWD), sports car that was manufactured and marketed by Nissan from 1999 to 2002. Its wheelbase looks like the perfect one for drift, short enough to allow easy direction change and long enough to keep the vehicle stable while drifting.

Are silvias rare? ›

With its export markets severely limited, the car was an extremely slow seller. From March 1965 until September 1968, only 554 Silvias were built, most of those in 1965. Despite the marketing efforts, a relative handful were exported—49 to Australia, with the remaining 10 exports apparently shipped to Southeast Asia.

Is there a S16 Silvia? ›

The new rendering of the Nissan Silvia S16

And that's simply because especially later S12, S13, S14 and S15 iterations were light, agile, highly maneuverable and prone to lots and lots of modifications.

Why did Nissan stop Silvia? ›

But why Nissan decided to stop manufacturing these models: The Silvia production ended in 2002 due to Nissan's decision to reduce the number of S chassis. Therefore, the S15 is the last generation of Nissan Silvia. Currently, Nissan's worldwide sports floor platform is FM, used in the 350/370Z.

Which Silvia is the most popular? ›

Silvia S15 – The last S-chassis of the Nissan, and was the most modern version of any chassis. Launched in the early 2000s and also the last generation of Nissan Silvia, the S15 is one of the more popular choices among drift enthusiasts. Sleek style and effective engine make Silvia become a favorite car for any racers.

What is the fastest JDM car? ›

1. Aspark Owl
2023 Aspark OwlSpecs
Torque1475 lb-ft
TransmissionDirect Drive
0-60 mph1.69 seconds
Top Speed249 mph
3 more rows
May 30, 2023

Is JDM rare? ›

JDM is a rare autoimmune disease with approximately 2-4 children per one million children being diagnosed each year in the United States. The disease presents more commonly in girls than boys and usually occurs between the ages of 2 and 15.

What's the best JDM car? ›

5 Best JDM cars you must know
  • Mazda RX-7. The Mazda RX-7 is a sports car that has earned a reputation as one of the most thrilling and enjoyable vehicles to drive. ...
  • Honda NSX. ...
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. ...
  • Toyota Supra. ...
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Are skylines illegal? ›

In 1998, the NHTSA granted immunity for import vehicles over 25 years of age. That means you can now import any Nissan Skyline that was built in or before 1995, despite it failing to meet regulations. The only place you may run into trouble is in California.

What GT-R is banned? ›

So yes, the Nissan Skyline GT-R in R32, R33, and R34 guise are among the fastest cars of their generation. But despite the myths, the speed, potent acceleration, and the fact that Skyline GT-Rs are right-hand drive (RHD) are not the real reason why they were illegal to import into the USA.

Are skylines street legal? ›

With 25 years under its belt, Nissan's brutish Skyline is now able to hit U.S. roads legally.

Are S15 legal in states? ›

S15 is not legal to drive in the US. The reason that the S15 is banned is the 25-year import rule. This set of laws bans any foreign cars that: Were not originally sold in the US.

Does S15 have Turbo? ›

The Nissan Silvia S15 started the production in 1999 and ended in 2002. This last version of Silvia has a two type of engine; a Turbo version SR20DET (Max output on catalogue 250 hp) and a NA version SR20DE (165 hp). You can find 3 variant of the Silvia S15.

Why is there a 25-year import law? ›

The Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act, commonly known as the 25-year import rule. It prevents individuals from importing new foreign-market vehicles without undertaking a lengthy—and costly—testing and federalization process. Proponents of the legislation claim the IVSCA keeps American drivers safe.

How many gears does a S15 have? ›

The S15 Silvia included aggressive styling inside and out; upgrades to the chassis and suspension, including increased use of light alloy suspension components; and for the first time, a six-speed manual transmission (in addition to a 5-speed manual transmission and a four-speed automatic).

What is the S15 called in Forza 5? ›

The 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R - abbreviated as Silvia '00 or Silvia S15 - is a RWD sports car by Nissan featured in every Forza main title.

Is the S15 a JDM? ›

Models in S15 Of JDM Car:

The S15 Silvia model series was initially simplified to Spec-S and Spec-R. Both models offer an “aero” variant with a large rear wing and side skirts / balance.

What car is the 240SX in GTA? ›

In this video we test Annis S-230 (Nissan 240SX).

Why was the S15 never sold in the US? ›

The S15 is technically banned from U.S. roads due to the 25-year import restriction, which prohibits the entry of any vehicle that (1) was not initially sold in the U.S. and (2) is younger than 25 years.

Who is Dom's kid in fast 9? ›

Brian Marcos, a.k.a. “Little B”

Dom's son with Elana, whose birth name was “Marcos” until Dom decided to rename him after the little guy's uncle, has grown fast and furiously since his introduction in The Fate of the Furious.

How old is Dom's son in fast 9? ›

According to Universal, Dom's son, Little Brian, is 8 years old in "Fast X." Since Little B was about four in "Fast 9," the sequel likely takes place about four years later.

What is Toretto's car in F9? ›

Similar Cars

The 1968 Dodge Charger Hellacious is a major car that is featured in F9, it is driven by Dominic Toretto and Jakob Toretto.

Can you legally own a S15? ›

Silvia S15 will be legal in the U.S. starting in January 2024—this is when the model will be 25 years old and is therefore exempt from NHTSA restrictions. Remember that you need to check the exact model year of the car you are hoping to import, as any models 2000 or later still fall under restrictions from the NHTSA.

Why was the S15 discontinued? ›

But why Nissan decided to stop manufacturing these models: The Silvia production ended in 2002 due to Nissan's decision to reduce the number of S chassis. Therefore, the S15 is the last generation of Nissan Silvia. Currently, Nissan's worldwide sports floor platform is FM, used in the 350/370Z.

How much HP does a S15 make? ›

Japan saw a new version of the Silvia (S15) in 1999, now boasting 250 hp (184 kW) from itsSR20DET engine, thanks to a ball bearing turbocharger upgrade, as well as improved engine management. The SR20DE (non-turbo motor) featured only 165 hp (121 kW).

How much HP does a stock S15 make? ›

Strapped to the Dynojet 248C, the S15 generated 206.47 wheel horsepower and 191.78 lb-ft torque. The Dynojet 248C, considered a benchmark for horsepower measurement, will be revisited throughout this series to provide horsepower figures at the end of each segment.

Why is there a 25 year import law? ›

The Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act, commonly known as the 25-year import rule. It prevents individuals from importing new foreign-market vehicles without undertaking a lengthy—and costly—testing and federalization process. Proponents of the legislation claim the IVSCA keeps American drivers safe.

Was the S15 in Tokyo drift? ›

Similar Cars

The 2001 Nissan Silvia S15 (also known as the Mona Lisa and Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-S) is a major car used in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. It appears again briefly in F9.

What is Nissan Silvia USA called? ›

The S10. The S10 chassis would follow about a decade later and represented the first Silvia to be mass-produced by more modern methods, rather than the costly hand-built process. It would also make its way to the U.S., carrying a very affordable price tag and renamed as the 200SX.

What is the difference between S15 Spec R and S? ›

The Spec-R was the most sought-after model in the S15 range, featuring either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed auto, the main difference between the JDM Spec-R and the Spec-S was the Spec-R's 247bhp turbocharged SR20DET engine, where the Spec-S received the underwhelming 163bhp SR20DE.

Is a 240SX a Silvia? ›

Versions of the Silvia have been marketed as the 200SX or 240SX for export, with some export versions being sold under the Datsun brand.

How much does it cost to import a car from Japan? ›

What import fees do I have to pay? You can expect to pay about 2.5% of the purchase price as the customs duty on a vehicle imported from Japan to the United States.

When was the last S15 made? ›

The Nissan S15 was released in 1999 and was sold only in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Production ended in 2002, and sales outside of Japan were so bad that some of them didn't sell until 2007 in New Zealand.

Is a S15 a 240SX? ›

The Japanese Nissan 240SX S15

Nissan released it in Japan in 1999, where it had the newest SR20DET and a T28 ball bearing turbo. The addition of bigger fuel injectors, at 480 cc/min, meant that in some respects this model had better performance.

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