Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave - Making of the Intro (2023)


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Yes, nice, nice work, you're doing it today, a good rock and roll fairy tale deserves an enchanted forest.

So basically we're at griffith park.

And we are transforming this small little area into uh into that into an enchanted forest.

Let's do a couple here basically kind of hanging out coming this way, we're going to do the same thing here in carmen's area kind of coming out this way.

And then we'll basically do the base of the trees.

Okay, get like that.

I want that one, yeah, we're excited to shoot this today.

I think it's gonna be really cool.

You know, it's that it's sort of like like a rock and roll fairy tale like the brothers grim.

You know, just, uh, a little dark, but there's passion and love and romance and pain.

And, um, I think it kind of describes who we are actually making her look like kind of like snow white, but a little bit evil, a little sinister, um, but very romantic and she's gonna have a big long skirt with a big train and a veil and we're putting dave in a cape that matches some colored tones with this.

Ladies and gentlemen, carrie cramer there's, the princess carmen she's twirling here in the forest.

Basically, this is covered with yellow leaves.

These are the leaves we bought.

Did we buy 30 bags of brown leaves? Uh, this is all we got.



They bought 30 bags of brown leaves.

They bought brown leaves.

Okay, who who went out who retrieved? I picked these up, you scooped them up, you know, picked them up.

Oh, so you got them from the wherever the joint.


So peter, and I I think they're going to be sending you off to buy another box of yellow leaves.

My name is hisham, abed, I'm.

The dp, on the intel doctors part show opener as we call it, basically, the overall look of this thing.

He wants it to look like, not exactly a little red, riding hood, but something along those lines think of dave as the wolf waiting in the woods and farming, his little red, riding hood.

And this is where they meet the enchanted forest.

This needs to be green gorgeous lush.

This is too brown.

I'd rather not have them growing out of the ground.

I'd have them look like they're growing from the backs of the trees.

So here we are in our enchanted forest in griffith park, um, as you can see we, uh, we transformed this little, tiny area, which is really all we need, uh to make it look like the place where the perfect girl meets the perfect.

Boy, he hands her the perfect flower and they fall in love until death do us part.

Oh, oh it's.

So pretty isn't that pretty the green is so green and that sort of orange flower.

Your face will be right there.

And then the butterfly will be right there.

Basically what we're gonna go for in this shot is you're picking a flower and you're gonna notice the butterfly right here and you're just gonna go like this to try and grab a butterfly.

Okay and let's see if it actually goes to your finger, basically, what I'm just trying to do is warm up three butterflies, just in case, uh, one flies, too far out of frame.

I need a pillow of some sort for carmen to kneel on.

Oh, my god.

Okay, I'll.

Keep the nut head.

Sorry, everybody.

Okay, no worries and remember more to more that we call, hi marissa, I'll, meet you.

You don't have a fear of butterflies just bees.

I like butterflies, that's good.

That was gorgeous.

Look, how pretty and get startled? Okay, smile, carm, oh, gorgeous, that's.

So dead on.

Wow, yeah.

Isn't that fabulous.

Yeah, it's.

Pretty amazing 20 to 30 seconds this whole thing.

So it's, really choice.

Perfect beauty shop like a little movie.

I know right it's.

So pretty out here we're coming back from lunch we're a little bit behind.

Uh, just because there were about four or five shots that we were supposed to get in before lunch.

We moved into after lunch.

Um, this is actually our first scene with uh, dave.

So dave and carmen are gonna be doing the kissing scenes.

Now he's gonna hand her the flower she's going to then grab his hood, take his hood off and then they're going to kiss.

And by then we want to be really solid like this is, of course, the longest setup shot of the day, but it's, probably the most important so we're, lighting, it we're testing, it we're, blocking it it's, basically, um the kiss where we get a very tight close-up of dave and carmen kissing.

And then we pull away to reveal the carmen is now wearing her veil and uh, the one flower that dave handed her has turned into her wedding bouquet, which is what happened once I sneezed, yeah.

And I was well, I kind of pissed myself, you just lost control bladder.

I mean, it wasn't that bad.

It was just a dribble.

So she takes the hood off gets the flower.

Then we're never gonna see that she got the flower.

Watch I'm gonna go like I'm gonna go like this I'm going to hand you the flower you're going to look at the flower and then you're going to go like this and you're going to reach for his hood and you're going to kiss you're going to take it like yes, right now I'm going to be holding the part of the whole.

Yeah, yeah.


Stay tight on the kiss.

Because as you guys are tight on the kiss someone's going to run behind, you they're going to take the flower out of your hand, they're going to put the wedding bouquet in your hand.

You guys are going to try not to move it's like a sweet little kiss.

No, you know what? I mean like a sweet mm-hmm.

Well, the theme is kind of a uh, you know, it's kind of a fairy tale, brothers grim meets, uh, you know, romantic love rock and roll kind of fantasy world and uh, carmen is the damsel in distress who's, looking for her knight in shining armor, her prince, charming and I'm kind of the prince.

Charming he's back in the trailer, oh okay, but uh, but I'm, taking the places prince charming slash jack, the ripper so we're, getting like my straight on profile.

Our favorite, yeah, we love that bite on the set.

Okay, look at each other and present her with the flower.

Dude, start moving in kiss.

Cool, stay tight on the kiss tight on the kiss tight on the kiss.

At that point someone should run in with the veils and uh, yeah, let's.

Do it switch out? The flowers we're gonna need to do that real fast, and we can always cut those frames and then pull out smile at each other.

Cool, there's the reveal right there.

No, dave you're going to stay close when the camera starts rolling back in and we're moving back in moving back in and part, both of you step back.

Okay, let's try to make this the last one.

Hold first, let us fill with smoke.

Yeah, I know, I know, okay, that's it.

I like dates here, hands behind your back and and look at each other and action.

Yeah, we no longer we no longer need.

We no longer need this.

We no longer need this.

We need this, and we don't need this dave's.

Smile, that'll be easy.

And then, okay, here we go.

And dave you are revealing yourself nice that looks good.


Let's do it again.

Carmen is going to be here holding the parasol.

Dave is going to be here at her feet we're going to switch them up, dave because carmen's going to be opening the parasol we'll do one with dave closing, the parasol we're then going to do another one with, um, butterflies.

Yeah, carmen.

Thank you let's.

Do this at some point should I go straight there, it's spooky, we're, shooting the bumpers for our show we're just now wrapping up.

And I think it's going good.

Yeah, it was really fun.

I really like the butterfly I don't like it, we'll kill the sweet.

Okay, let's bring out the butterflies, please let's, put one of them on dave's.


Are they going to move around? Yeah, yeah.

But they can't fly.

They can but they're just kind of they've been in the fridge that's up let's, see where that marketplace guys, I think that's a wrap for carmen and dave all right.

Thanks everybody.

I know, I know guys.

Thanks carmen.


So you.


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Navarro has been married three times: celebrity makeup artist Tania Goddard-Saylor (1990–1992, divorced), Rhian Gittins (1994, annulled), and model and actress Carmen Electra (2003–2007, divorced). As of May 2022, Navarro is engaged to Vanessa DuBasso.

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Officially - at least in the press - Navarro resigned from the band to focus on a solo project. "I still love those guys to death and being a Chili Pepper was one of the best experiences of my life," Navarro said at the time.

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The couple, however, didn't have any children before deciding to call it quits. Electra's rep described the split as "amicable."

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We have a connection and it's undeniable and I'll love him forever." Carmen added, "Will we get back together? We're not at a place like that but we are friends and we don't talk all the time. It's not a weird thing, but we do reach out and check on each other from time to time."

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Dave Navarro, who served as host for Ink Master's first 13 seasons, returns as the Master of Chaos, according to Paramount+, introducing crazy twists and game-changing bombs to the competition.

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What a temptress! Gerard Butler's 'secret mistress' also 'caused end of Dave Navarro's marriage to Carmen Electra' It has been reported the ladies man Gerard Butler last year ended the marriage of an up-and-coming actress after indulging in a steamy affair.

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While appearing on today's all-new Daily Pop, Carmen set the record straight on where her relationship with the rock star stands today. "We're still really good friends," she told Catt Sadler, Carissa Culiner and Justin Sylvester. "I just posted a shot on Instagram because we just ran into each other at the same hotel.

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Is Carmen Electra still married? ›

Following her split from Rodman, Electra tied the knot with American guitarist and Ink Master host Dave Navarro. The two married in 2004 but divorced in 2007 for unknown reasons. Following their divorce, the two stayed friends and in 2014 even shared a selfie together touching tongues.

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Dave Navarro was 15 when his mother, Connie Navarro, was murdered in 1983 by her ex-boyfriend. Without a ready support system, he turned to drugs and alcohol to cope.

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Navarro — the host of the popular tattoo reality competition "Ink Master" — and Electra were married from 2003 to 2007, and chronicled part of their relationship of the reality show "'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave."

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Officially - at least in the press - Navarro resigned from the band to focus on a solo project. "I still love those guys to death and being a Chili Pepper was one of the best experiences of my life," Navarro said at the time.

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A complete reunion of the classic Jane's lineup in over a decade will have to wait a little longer, however, as the band announced Friday that Navarro will not join them on their initial run of 2023 dates.

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