Why did Cully leave Midsomer Murders? (2023)

Cully Barnaby, the character played by Laura Howard, was a fan-favorite in the British detective drama, Midsomer Murders, for 12 years. However, her departure from the show left viewers wondering why she left. Here’s why:

  • Cully’s exit was a natural progression of the show as her father, Tom Barnaby, retired from the police force.
  • In the show, Cully was engaged to Simon Dixon, and her departure was a result of her decision to start a new life with him.
  • Laura Howard herself revealed that she had been playing Cully from the age of 19, and she was 30 when they shot the wedding scene, which marked the end of her time on the show.
  • Although fans were sad to see Cully leave the series, her departure was a logical conclusion to her character’s story arc. It was also a significant moment for Laura Howard, who had played the role for over a decade. Midsomer Murders continued with new characters and storylines, but Cully’s legacy as a beloved character in the series will always remain.

    Pro Tips:
    1. Don’t jump to conclusions: Before speculating why Cully left Midsomer Murders, consider that there may be many reasons for an actor to leave a show, such as personal reasons, creative differences, contractual issues, or scheduling conflicts.

    2. Look for official statements: Check official sources, such as interviews with the actors, producers, or showrunners, to see if they have explained the departure of Cully or any other character from the show. These may provide insights into behind-the-scenes decisions that led to the changes.

    3. Follow the storyline: Watch the episodes featuring Cully’s character and see if there are any clues or hints as to why she may have left. Perhaps her character had reached a natural endpoint, or there was a plot twist that made her departure necessary.

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    4. Consider fan reactions: Look at the reactions of fans of the show to Cully’s departure. Were they sad to see her go, or did they think it was time for a change? This may indicate how the writers and producers felt about the character and could provide clues as to why she was written out.

    5. Focus on the present: Rather than dwelling on why Cully left Midsomer Murders, consider the show’s current direction and the characters who are still on the show. Perhaps the show has evolved and improved in new ways that make up for the loss of Cully’s character.

    Table of Contents

    Laura Howard’s portrayal of Cully Barnaby

    Laura Howard was a prominent face on the British TV series Midsomer Murders. She played the much-beloved character of Cully Barnaby, the daughter of the show’s main protagonist, Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby. Throughout the 12 years of her stint on Midsomer Murders, Laura Howard’s portrayal of the fiercely independent and determined Cully Barnaby captivated the hearts of fans across generations.

    Cully’s character was a perfect blend of intelligence, compassion, and tenacity, which Howard portrayed deftly. Howard’s take on Cully won her many accolades and brought her significant recognition in the television industry. Her on-screen chemistry with her reel father, John Nettles, made their scenes together a highlight of the show.

    Cully’s storyline throughout the show

    Cully Barnaby’s journey in Midsomer Murders began when she was still just a teenager in the first season of the show. Throughout the series, the character underwent multiple changes and transformations, personally and professionally. Cully was initially portrayed as a flawed yet determined young woman. As the show progressed, she went on to become a journalist, showcasing her intrepid investigative skills and her ability to handle challenging situations.

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    Cully also experienced personal growth throughout the series. She matured from a rebellious teenager into a responsible adult who could hold her own in any situation. Her character arc included some significant milestones, such as her engagement to boyfriend Simon Dixon, which became an important part of her exit storyline.

    Simon Dixon’s role in Cully’s departure

    Cully’s engagement to Simon Dixon, played by actor Patrick Baladi, became a crucial factor in her character’s departure from Midsomer Murders. The showrunners wanted to give Cully a fitting exit and believed that her marriage to Dixon was the ideal catalyst for her departure. In season 13’s final episode, “Fit for Murder,” Cully agrees to marry Simon, and her father Tom retires from his post as Detective Chief Inspector.

    Tom Barnaby’s retirement and its impact on Cully’s character

    Tom Barnaby’s retirement had a significant impact on Cully’s departure from the show. For more than a decade, Laura Howard’s Cully had been a part of Tom’s investigations, providing critical insights and helping to solve cases. With John Nettles’ retirement from Midsomer Murders, the showrunners wanted to give him a fitting send-off while also seeing his character’s journey come to a satisfying end.

    Cully’s exit from the show was a result of the natural progression of the character’s storyline, with her engagement to Simon Dixon and her father’s retirement providing the perfect opportunity for her to leave.

    Laura Howard’s thoughts on leaving the show

    In an interview with Radio Times, Laura Howard shared her thoughts on saying goodbye to her character and the show that had been a significant part of her life. “It was really, really sad to leave, and yet it was right that we should move on,” she said. “I think after 12 years, it was time for me to have a change.”

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    Howard also expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to have been a part of Midsomer Murders and the impact that the show had on her life and career. “I feel so fortunate to have been in something that the public embraced,” she added.

    Fans’ reactions to Cully’s departure

    Cully Barnaby’s departure from Midsomer Murders left fans emotional and nostalgic. The character had been a constant presence throughout the show’s run, and her exit marked the end of an era. Many fans expressed their sadness at seeing Cully leave and the impact her presence had on the show.

    Some fans’ reactions included:

    • “Cully leaving was heartbreaking. She was such an integral part of the show, and it won’t be the same without her.”
    • “I can’t imagine Midsomer Murders without Cully. She was such a great character.”
    • “I’ll miss her so much! Laura Howard did an amazing job portraying Cully.”

    Cully’s legacy in Midsomer Murders

    Cully Barnaby may have left Midsomer Murders, but her legacy as a beloved character still lives on in the show. Her character arc and growth throughout the series left a lasting impact on the fans. Even after her departure from the show, her presence on the show is still felt by the fans. Laura Howard’s portrayal of Cully Barnaby will always be remembered as a hallmark of the show’s early years.

    In conclusion, the departure of Cully Barnaby from Midsomer Murders was a significant milestone in the show’s history. Laura Howard’s portrayal of the fiercely independent character won her many accolades and critical acclaim. Her exit from the show was a natural result of the culmination of her character’s journey. While fans were sad to see her go, her legacy on Midsomer Murders will continue to be celebrated for years to come.

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